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Our Practice Areas

Serious Crime

Serious crimes are, by their very nature, complex, contentious and often very difficult to handle. Whatever your involvement in a serious crime case may be, our expert teams of solicitors can work with you and support you. Our legal expertise extends to cases involving crimes such as money laundering, fraud, cyber security and terrorism. 

We have also previously worked on cases relating to international arms and drug smuggling and several aspects of gang-related crime, such as murder and the illegal use of firearms. Cham Solicitors have worked on many high profile criminal cases, and we are well-known for supplying effective advice, support and representation. If you need our services in this arena, we’re standing by to speak to you.

Commercial Litigation

We are able to assists our clients in claiming and defending all types of commercial litigation at the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal level. We have experience in dealing with complex high-value proceedings that involved jurisdictional issues for both, corporate and high net worth individuals.

Immigration & Asylum

We have solid experience and an enviable track record in handling immigration and asylum cases, from the initial tribunal stage, right through to judicial review in the High Court. Our expert solicitors and legal advisors can work with you on matters such as asylum, visas, citizenship, corporate immigration, human rights law, deportation, detention and extradition. We can handle any and all immigration appeals involving the different tiers (ranging from Tier 1 for highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs, graduates and investors through to Tier 5 for temporary workers).

We also provide legal representation to international organisations, embassies and private companies. We also cover the more complex areas of trafficking and cases involving minors. Importantly, we offer an out-of-hours service for emergency applications and issues relating to immigration and asylum. If you are involved in an immigration application, appeal or dispute, please contact us to see how we can support you.

Human Rights

Our experienced Counsel have appeared in the European Court of Human Rights. Matters that we deal with on a daily basis take into account Human Rights laws in all fields of our areas of expertise.

We are experienced in representing Human Rights protesters both against the authorities and large organisations. This is a field of our practice that is becoming more regular due to the increase of various large scale proposals that threaten the individual and their right to a safe and secure life.

Housing, Landlord and Tenants

Our property solicitors and advisors offer our clients a thorough understanding of the law relating to landlords and tenants, as well as sympathetic, effective advice and support at all stages of a property dispute or concern. We work with landlords and tenants across the UK, helping them to manage their property portfolio, understand their responsibilities towards their tenants and handle matters related to rent arrears or lawful eviction. 

We also work extensively with tenants to help draft tenancy agreements and offer advice and support in situations such as housing disrepair, unsafe living conditions or unlawful eviction. If you are a landlord or a tenant in need of legal advice, please give us a ring to see how we can work with you.


At Cham Solicitors we handle all kinds of cases relating to employment law and have established a firm reputation for excellence and expertise. We provide highly effective legal representation in matters relating to discrimination arising from race or religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, health condition or age.

We can also help you resolve disputes in the workplace and support you with trade union matters. Or, if you are a small or large company or organisation experiencing difficulties related to employment law, we would be delighted to work with you, too. Our experience ranges from dealing with multi-nationals to small independent traders. We can represent you or your organisation in tribunals and the higher appeal courts to ensure a satisfactory conclusion to your employment law-related case. Call us now to book your no-obligation, initial consultation.


We are proud to provide Education services, and related issues in higher Education Law, for students who they suffered from grievance during or after their studies due to University wrong decisions

Family Law

The Cham Solicitors team has extensive experience in the tricky and extremely emotional area of family law. From divorce and financial settlements to child access and maintenance arrangements, we can be there for you during some of the hardest times of your life. We will work with all parties to establish fair and mutually acceptable resolutions to any family disputes. We will also liaise with any relevant authorities and third parties in matters such as the care of vulnerable adults and minors, long-term medical care arrangements and disputes for family members, child adoptions, access agreements and maintenance deals.

Further afield, we are also fully trained to support and represent families involved in cross-border and international child abductions. Whatever the situation, we guarantee to handle the case with compassion, empathy and sensitivity to minimise distress and reconcile parties as quickly as possible. Find out more by speaking to one of our family law experts.

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